Communications Technology

Mr P Darling

TGJ 3M/4M 2014

Class Page for TGJ 3M/4M January-June 2014

May 20 – Culminating Task

For the culminating Task, you are to create the print media materials suitable for a small scale organization.

Background: Individuals taking Communications Technology are not necessarily going to take their background in Comm Tech to go into a field of Graphic Design.  However, they may use their skills to assist in a community organization or minor sports team.

Communications are essential for organizations that have a product to promote – Whether it is an art exhibition, a comedy show, a drama production, a video gaming exhibition, a fishing tournament, for example.

In this assignment, you are to create the print media materials package for a group of your choice.  We have already practiced some of this with creating the hockey programs – and I realize that high school hockey is not of great interest to everyone.

Your steps are as follows:

  1.  Choose a community organization (real or imagined) that would be responsible for putting on an event, and required to make print media materials.
  2. Begin planning the following print materials :
  • Event Tickets
  • Event Program  (4 pages,  8.5 x 14 folded in half – Each page being 8.5’ x 7’)
  • Promotional Poster
  • 2 promotional graphics to be distributed online – One larger square photo size (5” x 7”), and another banner type (2” x 10”)
  • Press release on personalized letterhead for media outlets describing the event.


All of these materials will be printed out on the colour printer and displayed in class.

Your print media materials are due on Thursday, June 5,  in class.

Your start point will be to choose what your organization is – This may be easier for you if you choose an organization that already exists.

May 12:  Class questionnaire

Please complete the following questionnaire by the end of the day:


May 1 : Imaging Assignment

By the end of this course, we would like to  confirm your competence with a variety of imaging devices – Cameras and Scanners.

For this assignment, you are to create a set on Flickr of the following photos:

2 photos taken with an SLR

2 photos taken with the point and shoots (Sony Cyber-Pixel and Canon Power Shot)

2 photos scanned using the scanner

2 photos taken on the iPad

2 photos taken using the iPod or your own device (Samsung phone, iPhone, LG)

2 photos taken using a webcam on a computer (you may use your netbook or the iMacs)

2 photos where you have taken a picture of a picture or poster.  You can get these done with any of the above devices, except the scanners of course.


After you have amassed this portfolio of 14 photos, you are to lay out 2 of the photos on indesign on an 8.5×11 paper in colour.  Write a brief annotation below the photo describing :

The subject in the photo

Why you took the photo

What settings you were using on the camera

What the date and time of the photo was.

Any special techniques or equipment (lighting, tripods etc.)


Group project #2 – A collaborative video

At this point, you should have already finished and uploaded a short simple video, edited or unedited, that displays your ability to capture digital video and publish it.

Today, we will work on our first collaborative video project.  This will involve you shooting a short bit of video within the school which answers the question : What is your favourite space in the school?

Be very careful to not be disruptive to other classes.

When you have finished this video, upload it to Imac 2.  The timeline is that we should have all short videos uploaded by the end of class on Tuesday.

From there, we will edit the videos together and finalize the class on Wednesday and Thursday.

Group project # 1 – A Simple Newspaper

Today, we will begin our first major collaboration project – Laying out a simple newspaper using Adobe Indesign.  You will indeed use your photography and photoshop skills in this process as well. To start, today, we will decide what content we would like to generate.

Think about things you would want to read in a newspaper – it should be interesting, informative, and somewhat newsworthy.  “Tell me something new” is what people will often say when picking up a newspaper.

In terms of your content, the parameters for it are flexible – You may use photos, text, drawings, any work that we can acquire digitally through the cameras and scanners.

Write your ideas next to your name on the door.

Laying out a document with columns and photos

Today, we will be laying out a document with columns and photos In order to do this, I am not asking you to

  1.  Pick a Wikipedia article that contains a block of text that is at least 250 words long.  Copy and paste that text into a word document, and then save the word document to your Z: drive.
  2. Find 2 relevant photos that would accompany the text you have selected.  Make sure you search google for large, high quality images.
  3. Layout the text and photos in a fashion that would resemble a newspaper.  Use at least 2 columns, but 3 is preferable.
  4. Give the page a headline and a byline.
  5. Export as a PDF and print on the colour printer.

First Indesign Assignment

Your first Indesign Assignment is to create a team composite using one of the school’s athletic teams.  You can find the source images at this location. So you’ll have to use some tools within indesign – Dragging guides down and aligning images properly.  The parameters for the finished product are :

  • Team composite must be made on 11×17 inch paper.
  • Team composite must choose a colourful background (no white paper backgrounds)
  • Team composite must include a team group photo, and individual photos.
  • Must be aesthetically pleasing.
  • If available, include the names of the individual players.

Follow this link to see some examples of team composites.

 Introduction to Adobe Indesign

Today, we will be getting introduced to the Adobe Indesign software.  Adobe Indesign is the industry standard (along with the apple-specific QuarkExpress) for desktop publishing and layout.  You will begin your introduction to adobe indesign

Photography Assignment 1

TGJ Photography Assignment   This first photography Assignment will take the shape of a Photography contest. We will be setting this up in the form  – You must enter at least 5 categories   Categories – Colour 1)      Portrait – Human or Animal 2)      Portrait – BFF’s 3)      Action – Showing movement 4)      Action – Freeze frame 5)      A photo of something you wouldn’t normally take a photo of 6)      A group of people 7)      A location within the school 8)      A series of 4 photos telling a story You may use the school’s SLR Cameras, the point and shoot cameras, or your phone. You must enter at least 4 categories You must post your photos as a set in flickr – Photo Contest 1 All photos must be cropped to be square – for example crop to be 1800px x 1800 px.

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